Success Stories


Keaton is a young filmmaker from St. Augustine, Florida, who joined the PossAbilities Plus team in July 2020 as a videographer and a member of their social media team. When he was two years old, he was diagnosed with moderate-to-severe autism. While experts thought he would never be able to read, write, speak, or operate a computer, Keaton has managed to surpass all their expectations within his relatively short lifespan.

In addition to his work with PossAbilities, he is a member of our Junior Board. Keaton has a Bachelor’s in Journalism & Documentary Production from Flagler College. He currently lives in St. Augustine, with his parents, his dog Bailey, and his cat Minuit (pronounced “min-whee”). His hobbies include music (he plays piano, bass, guitar, and drums) and basketball.

Keaton has made several “How To” videos for PossAbilities Plus job skills program. He is working with his mentor, David Voss to create a fundraising video for the program. In addition, he has competed the “Professionalism in the Dining room course. He is an exemplary server.

Skill or Task