Friendly Faces of PossAbilities Plus


Leanne Dougherty

Kitchen Manager, Sociabilities Coordinator, and Life Lessons Instuctor

Leanne has a wealth of experience

In retail and food service, as well as tutoring and working with children and adolescents in a variety of roles.

Leanne believes in the value that all individuals have to contribute and shares Susan's vision of empowering all people to lead fulfilling lives.

Denise Stuart

Volunteer and Tutor

Denise Stuart started her work life as a mechanical engineer and switched to her first love--teaching math and science classes as a middle and then high school teacher. Denise also obtained her Special Education credential in 2014 and worked for the remainder of her career teaching students with disabilities math and various science courses from Biology to Chemistry and Environmental Science at a local high in San Jose, CA - She is looking forward to helping young people become confident and capable adults.

Diane Hoffman Sandy Mulligan


Diane and Sandy each have over twenty years of experience working with students who have special needs. They are a great team and provide an excellent registration experience!

Debba Zuwalla

Master Gardener

Debbs is a master gardener and vintage treasure dealer. She generously donates her time and knowledge to keep our Secret Garden Green. 

Lisa Myers 


Lisa taught Special Education in the Atlanta area for several years before switching gears and working in the travel and advertising industries.  She has now come full circle and is back doing what she loves.  

Sharon Phares


Sharon is a retired school teacher and dedicated volunteer. She helps regularly in the garden and sorting room. 

Thrift Store, ASD / IEP Support, Tea Room and lunch spot