Participant Triumphs


Lance Levesque was the first on the job training participant at PossAbilities Plus. He is a graduate of Englewood High School and lives in Jacksonville Beach. He is an independent individual. He rides his bicycle every morning and takes the JTA Connex bus to and from job training.

During his training at PossAbilities, Lance learned to vacuum, take out the trash, and answer the phone independently. He helped often at the cash register. Lance learned to sew and make our signature shopping bags. He also became quite a celebrity by creating video commercials for the Facebook page to help promote items for sale in the store.

After much hard work, Lance recently landed his first job at a local grocery store where he bags groceries and helps with shopping carts. Lance is also an avid bowler and train expert. When you see him he will be happy to tell you his bowling score. He is a true success story and demonstrates hard work, persistence and the right training can help you succeed.


Kayla is a hardworking young lady. She graduated last year from Alden Road School and is actively seeking a job that she will enjoy. Kayla stopped by PossAbilities Plus and got acquainted with Vocational Rehabilitation. Kayla has earned her Food Handler’s certification and works in Cup of Dreams tearoom as well as at PossAbilties Plus thrift. Kayla would like to learn to work in the garden so she can take care of the earth. Her favorite teams are the New Orlean’s Saints, the Cowboys, and the Jaguars. She loves to listen to music, play on the computer, do puzzles, and go to Church. Stop by PossAbilities Plus and meet Kayla.


Keaton is a young filmmaker from St. Augustine, Florida, who joined the PossAbilities Plus team in July 2020 as a videographer and a member of their social media team. When he was two years old, he was diagnosed with moderate-to-severe autism. While experts thought he would never be able to read, write, speak, or operate a computer, Bicknell has managed to surpass all their expectations within his relatively short lifespan.
In addition to his work with PossAbilities, he is a member of our Junior Board. Bicknell has a Bachelor’s in Journalism & Documentary Production from Flagler College. He currently lives in St. Augustine, with his parents, his dog Bailey, and his cat Minuit (pronounced “min-whee”). His hobbies include music (he plays piano, bass, guitar, and drums) and basketball.
Keaton has made several "How To" videos for PossAbilities Plus job skills program. He is working with his mentor, David Voss to create a fundraising video for the program. In addition, he has competed the "Professionalism in the Dining room course. He is an exemplary server.



Janice lives in Baymeadows and recently moved here from Pensacola. She discovered PossAbilities Plus through her job coach at Employ U. Janice is quite independent and rides the JTA Connex bus to PossAbilities. She also recently completed the Kitchen to Table course and received the food handlers certificate. Janice helps out in the kitchen and thrift store. She is also the best shirt folder we’ve ever seen! Janice has a great attitude, is hardworking and very organized. She loves to be busy, so she will offer to help with any task. Janice has two dogs and likes listening to music.