Eileen Howard

Board Members

Collector of those who need her help. Retired from too many jobs to list, but are a collection of teaching, support, and social work. Loves to craft and garden. Eileen Howard went from the east to the west but has made her home here in the south for the last 25 years. Born and raised Bostonian she served the Boston Juvenile court system as a parole supervisor before moving to California in 1987 to join her husband Eddie and share his 20 year naval commitment in Alameda, California. During those years she provided social services to the Navy and in the Emeryville schools as the Program Coordinator for Xanthos. Highschoolers from all walks of life gained much from the anti drug education programs and activities of her presentations through Zanthos and the Friday Night Live program. When duty called, the family transferred to Mayport in 1994. Eileen went to work as a Program Director for Community Connections Program serving children and families first at the Link, a before and after school day care and summer camp. In the last 8 yrs until her retirement in 2010 a vast array of social services were provided to 200 families at the Sable Palms Housing Apartments through Community Connections under the program Directorship of Mrs Howard.