We Offer Assistance With:

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Affordable IEP Advocacy

Let us help you with your student's IEP and school needs. Schedule a consult before the IEP meeting to determine your goals for your student.


We will outline a plan to work with the school and the IEP team. Assistance at the IEP meeting is also available to assist in getting your student's needs and rights met.


We are always a phone call away.

Understanding Your IEP


PossAbilities Plus 

is happy to help you understand your child's IEP and the process. 


Please call

(904) 472-8371 or  (904) 595-5381

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Home School Evaluations

$60 per child per.


K-College Tutoring



We offer a variety of tutoring options including:


peer tutoring, special needs tutoring, testing strategies, dyslexia and more.

We also offer specialized reading programs to address the specific needs.


The hourly requirements vary according to the learning program used and the needs of the child.

Prices ranging from $30-75 hr

We do accept the Gardiner Scholarship

and Vocational Rehabilitation 

Unlimited Room Repurposing

At PossAbilities Plus

we care about the earth and our resources.


"Upscale resale" is not only about selling the best used merchandise, it is about re-purposing used items into new and creative items.


Many of our participants are talented artists who will benefit from an opportunity to cultivate their skills.


With a generous supply of donations, they will create upscale treasures for patrons to purchase.


Just imagine old, torn jeans becoming a one of a kind handbag and old flower pots becoming a birdbath.


The possibilities are endless.

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Connecting Thru Music

At PossAbilities Plus

We believe in innovative and progressive techniques.

  Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to
accomplish individualized goals.
 Music therapy interventions can be designed to meet developmental goals, manage
stress, improve communication and mobility, and provide unique opportunities for
social interaction and learning.
 Music and the brain have a really special and unique relationship
 Music therapy uses music to teach and deliver desired learning and outcomes. Music
enrichment is teaching the children about music and encouraging growth and joy
through music.
 Children with special needs can benefit greatly from music and music therapy.