Success Stories


Lance Levesque was the first on the job training participant at PossAbilities Plus. He is a graduate of Englewood High School and lives in Jacksonville Beach. He is an independent individual. He rides his bicycle every morning and takes the JTA Connex bus to and from job training.

During his training at PossAbilities, Lance learned to vacuum, take out the trash, and answer the phone independently. He helped often at the cash register. Lance learned to sew and make our signature shopping bags. He also became quite a celebrity by creating video commercials for the Facebook page to help promote items for sale in the store.

After much hard work, Lance recently landed his first job at a local grocery store where he bags groceries and helps with shopping carts. Lance is also an avid bowler and train expert. When you see him he will be happy to tell you his bowling score. He is a true success story and demonstrates hard work, persistence and the right training can help you succeed.

Skill or Task